A local’s guide to the Barossa Valley in Autumn

Autumn is arguably the best time to visit the Barossa Valley because it is the time of the year when the region comes alive. Why? Because it’s the vintage time!


It is the time when you’ll see the bright lights of grape harvesters in the vineyards picking the grapes at night, the trucks laden with the new year’s grapes destined to become the world-famous wine, and an influx of people who come to be a part of it all.


It’s when visitors from all over the world come to see, feel and experience the magic of a Barossa Valley vintage.


If, by chance, the sights and smells of vintage time are not your things, then Autumn in the Barossa Valley brings with it some amazing opportunities to go sightseeing, bushwalking, touring or hot-air ballooning.


The valley floor is a brilliant patchwork of greens early in Autumn with vineyards in the entire canopy and moves from green to earthy browns as the leaves turn and drop later in the season. Kaiser Stuhl conservation park is just one of the many sightseeing areas and has some stunning walking trails where you can take a stroll in the hills surrounding the valley floor and immerse yourself amongst old gum trees.


You will almost certainly see Kangaroos and other wildlife along the way, too, so be sure to take the camera!


And it would be remiss not to mention the fantastic food and beverage options on offer in the beautiful Barossa. There’s something for everyone in all the major towns of the Barossa Valley and in between.


From quaint little cafes perfect for a coffee and cake, winery restaurants where you can enjoy a wine tasting followed by a delicious lunch, to hotels and fine-dining options, and everything in between. You won’t need an excuse to spend a long lazy afternoon somewhere magical; it just happens, and you’ll know why when you come to visit the Barossa in Autumn.


So, what are you waiting for? Come and see the Barossa Valley through a local’s eyes and experience the magic.