Caravanning with Kids

Are you dreaming of packing the whole family into the car, hitching up a caravan and exploring South Australia?


Caravanning can be a great family-friendly holiday that will help create those forever memories.


But, some planning needs to be done so that you don’t all drive each other nuts on the road and whilst living in a tight space.


Here are our top tips for caravanning with kids.



Provide entertainment


Kids get bored quickly when driving distances take plenty of games, puzzles, books and activities to keep them entertained. Puzzle books, colouring books, music, iPods and DVDs are recommended.


Plan out fun and educational place to stop on your trip.




With boredom comes hunger. Pack plenty of healthy snacks for them to munch on. Meals are a great way to break up a long drive so plan mealtimes ahead so that they know when their next stop is coming up.


You can support local businesses along the way by stopping at the local cafes, bakeries, etc. and putting money back into the economy of regional towns.



Be Prepared for the weather


Dress your children appropriately as per the climate, they will remain happier in the new environment, and you will have one less hassle to worry about.


Take plenty of layers so they can put more clothes on if they are getting cold. Also, pack a change of clothes.


Travel Journals


Travel journals are great for keeping the kids busy and also for introducing them to journal writing. If this is their first road trip, then a travel journal will help them to record their experiences and all the fun memories you are making as a family.



Keep them keen


Never underestimate the entertainment potential of a country-town op shop.


Give the kids a gold coin or two and let them hunt out some treasures to buy as gifts for family back home or fun games to play on the road.