Have yourself a very Merry Christmas


If you are travelling this Christmas season and possibly staying with us at the park, you might be wondering if the big man will be able to find you on Christmas Day.


Well, the good news is there are some things you can do to make sure Santa is in the know.


Here are our top tips for letting Santa know where you will be.



Make it easy for the big man



Pop a note in the post to let Santa know you will be travelling this holiday season so he can find you at the park or wherever you are going with your family this year.


You can also let our friendly reception staff know to advise Santa you are in the park once you have checked-in!




Leave out a little something for Santa at the park



If you are staying with us, you can leave out a little something for Santa to make it easier to find you; milk and cookies are his favourite and will be sure to lead him to you.


Take a family tradition with you that you would typically do at home the night before Christmas and do that while holidaying with us.



Track Santa Claus on an app



Santa is pretty tech-savvy these days so that you can track him down with one of the various apps on Mum and Dad’s phone. That way, you will know when he might be on the way.


And enjoy a very Merry Christmas.