Caravan makeover tips

Are you dreaming of buying an old caravan and giving it a facelift so that you and your family can explore Australia this year?


Many Australian families are looking to see more of Australia over the coming years, and caravanning can be one of the best ways to explore our great land, but with some creature comforts of home.


If the van life is the one for you, here are some caravan makeover tips that don’t cost the earth.


A fresh lick of paint


Just like our homes, your caravan will take on a whole new lease of life with a fresh lick of paint. Keep it light and bring to open up the space and make it appear bigger.


Think white or pastel colours.


Maximise Space


A caravan is essentially your tiny house on wheels, so you’ll need to find room to store all of your stuff, right?


Part of your renovation process should certainly include thinking about all the places you might be able to add some extra storage—from cubbies under the bed to a shelf over the couch/daybed.


Even if you live a minimalist life, you probably still have stuff that you want and need to bring with you on the road.


Lighting and soft furnishings


Try adding fairy lights or small fixed lamps to the space to make it feel more homely and cosy.


Soft and cuddly rugs, pillows and doonas can also lift the space and make it feel like home. You might even want to add a small plant or two.


DIY as much as possible


Renovation costs for a caravan, just like renovating a house, can blow out quickly. Try and DIY as much as possible and add things as you go.


If you are on a tight budget, try to look for some items that fit the style of your caravan off buy, swap and sell sites.