The best ways to enjoy Spring

Spring is finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited for a little bit more sunshine, longer days and warmer nights (especially for those who love to camp)


The best part about spring is getting out and about, so here are our top tips to get you and your family outside and enjoying life this Spring.


Pack a picnic


Pack all your favourite goodies into a basket, grab a picnic blanket and head for your favourite park, take a drive to the beach or just enjoy a picnic in your own backyard. It can be a great way to have some family time. Also – Hot tip; leave the phones, tablets, and iPads at home.


Take a bike ride


When was the last time that you took a bike ride? Dust off that bike or hire an e-scooter and become a tourist in your own city. You can bike through the botanic gardens, down to the beach or even head to a wine region and enjoy the scenery.


Plant a garden


Spring is the perfect time to plant that garden you’ve always been talking about. It might be growing some spring herbs, vegetables or just some pretty flowers.


This can be a great thing to do with kids so they can watch their garden grow over time.


Hire a Kayak


There are some great places in South Australia to hire a kayak and explore nature from on the water.


Mount Crawford offer Kayak hire, but you can also explore along the coastline, down at Port Adelaide or on the Murray River.


Fly a kite


Something that the whole family can enjoy. Make or buy a beautiful kite and get outdoors and watch it fly.


A bit of skill is required to get a kite off the ground, so it’s a great activity to learn a new skill and have some family fun.