Caravan packing 101 – Hitting the open road

Caravan packing 101 – Hitting the open road

Does the thought of packing the kids and the dog into a caravan for a few months and hitting the open road breed excitement in you? Or maybe you are an empty nester or a young couple wanting to see Australia.

At whatever stage you are in taking the leap to forge your own path can be life-changing and rewarding.

The excitement of leaving the humdrum and ordinary trappings of life behind can be enticing for so many; especially now our lives are full to the brim with things.

If you’ve decided to hit the open road, you will have many adventures ahead of you and many memories to be made, but there is one thing that comes before the big trip that may not excite.

And that’s the need to pack your most prized and useful possession’s in a space probably much smaller than you are used too.

It requires almost a minimalistic approach.

So, here are our top tips for packing that caravan and getting on the road.

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Clothing and Shoes

You won’t need to worry about airline baggage limits when you are hitting the road on a road trip, but you do need to consider what to pack and pack smart.

Think about the types of activities you will be doing. Think fewer ballgowns and more layered clothing that you can mix and match, shoes for hiking, and throw in a set of thongs for showering.

Pack for the climates you are heading to, and for the types of activities, you are likely to participate in.

Food and Supplies

Think about things that last (canned and pre-packaged goods) and can be packed away in the pantry. You can, of course, pick up supplies as you go but if you have favourite items be sure to pack them.

For example, think about spices that can go with multiple dishes instead of packing every one of them and only pack what you think you will use.

Medication and First Aid Kit

Accidents do happen especially when you are travelling with kids, so be sure to pack a well-stocked First Aid Kit just in case.

Make sure if you are on any prescription medication you have it packed and additional scripts from your doctor if you need them.

Entertainment and Technology

Even if you are looking to get off the grid, you might need some technology to get you by and to help you stay in touch with people back home and navigate the open road.

Take only what you need and ensure you have all the correct phone and laptop charges as well for your devices. And pack a couple of books, crosswords or something for a little bit of downtime when you are on the road.

The Essentials

We all like the creature comforts of home, so if you have favourite laundry detergent, type of soap make sure you pack those.

Don’t be afraid to pack your favourite rug, or candle if it’s going to make your home on the road feel more like home.

Now go and create some memories.