Perfect Holiday Platters

Perfect Holiday Platters

Once you are done exploring the multitude of stunning Barossa Valley wineries while you are staying with us at the park, you are sure to be a bit peckish and ready to eat.

And no doubt you will have a bottle of delicious Barossa wine to enjoy as well.

Putting together an easy and no fuss platter can be a great way to eat and relax while you enjoy your holiday time. And you can even get creative and put some local produce on there.

So how do you build the perfect platter?

Abundance and Colour are Key

Add all sorts of items; platters can be a great way to use up what you have in the fridge in the caravan – olives, cold meats, veggies and fruit.

Make sure you fill up the platter plate with all the good stuff, so it looks inviting and tasty and has plenty of colour with veggies, meats and cheese.

Work in Threes

If you are adding cheese or dips, work with the rule of threes. You can pair a hard cheddar with a soft goat’s cheese and a block of yummy blue cheese, for example. Variety helps make your platter look eye-catching and taste delicious.

Use Local Where Possible

One of the great things about travelling is experiencing different local producer wherever you go, and the Barossa Valley is no expectation. Pick up some local cheese, bread or olives to add to your platter.

And enjoy.