Take your dog on holidays with you

Let’s face it, taking your fur baby on holiday with you can add to the fun for the whole family, but there are some other benefits too that you may not have considered.


Less to worry about


If you take your furry best friend along on holidays with you, you don’t need to worry about your neighbour feeding them, getting a house-sitter or having to fork out to put them in a kennel.


It will give you peace of mind if your best mate is along for the ride with you. And you won’t miss them every day that you are away.



Gives you an excuse to explore


Having your dog with you will give you an excuse to get out and explore local walking tracks and trails that you might not otherwise get too.


It will keep you and the family active and allow you to see the area you are travelling to with new eyes and a fresh perspective.


You can also try all the local dog-friendly cafes, markets and dog beaches and parks.



Share your holiday with your best friend.


We all want to share experiences like holidays with the ones we love and often our dog is a very treasured member of the family.


There is nothing more exciting than seeing the look on your dog’s face when you say ‘car’ or ‘walk’ so getting to share the special memories you create with your family means having the furry family there too.


We have dog-friendly accommodation available at BIG4 Barossa, get in contact today to find out more.